Wine & Cheese Reception

Here, please feel free to let me know what you thought of the conference. Did you like the videos (not everyone is sure they are a good idea)? Is February a good month to have the conference? Is two weeks long enough? Too long? What would you like to see different? What would you like to see the same? Any feedback is greatly appreciated (this thread will stay open).

One thing I have heard already is that podcasts/vodcasts of the presentations would be nice. I am working on making that happen for these talks (a little late I know, but still…) and will definitely include this for next year’s Consciousness Online 2.010!


  1. Hi. Overall, it was very interesting.

    The videos were cool at first – it was nice to actually hear people talk about this stuff, instead of just reading about it!

    But the videos didn’t seem helpful, I have to say. I do like having both a paper for each topic as well as a bulleted power point summary, but why make us wait for the next bullet point to be revealed? Just show the slides and let people go at their own pace.

    If a video is going to actually be useful or interesting, then make one. If it’s going to be text slides with a voice-over saying the same thing as the slides, it’s not helpful. If it’s a talking head saying what could have been said with slides, it’s not helpful.

    Instead of a blog-style linear thread for each topic, it might be better to have multiple discussion-board-style threads.


  2. Overall, it was great. I’m non-committal on the videos as long as written copies of the papers are available. I believe there may have been one case where that was not so. Videos should at most supplement written copies; not replace them. But otherwise I found it to be a very nice venue for exchanging ideas. As I mentioned in an e-mail (about whether or not it was time to bring it to an end) it was beginning to distract me from other things I need to be doing. So I guess that speaks well for it in a backhanded sort of way.

  3. I enjoyed and benefited from the conference. Like others, I think videos for papers should be posted in addition to the paper, not as replacements for it. There are people who would rather read the paper at their own pace than listen to a video. As to commentaries, those might be ok as videos only, although I would still prefer to have the written text too.

    Great job, Richard. Thanks for all the work!

  4. Congratulations, Richard. It has been a real success. I was somewhat skeptical, after the online philosophy conference a year or two ago fell a bit flat, but you’ve proved me wrong. I think the greater focus probably helped, so that people already involved in one thread could also get involved in other threads. And who knows, maybe the videos helped, although I didn’t look at them except when absolutely necessary. It adds a nice personal touch to have them around, but they require a lot more of the reader’s/viewer’s time, so I agree with others that one wants to have papers online too. I think two weeks is a good length.

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