The Papers -2010

The conference will begin February 19th sometime before noon Eastern Standard Time; here are the papers for those that want to read them ahead of the conference.

  1. Hakwan Lau–Sensory Awareness and Perceptual Certainty
  2. Matthew Conduct —Naive Realism without Disjunctivism about Experience
  3. Keith Frankish —Qualia: The Real Thing?
  4. Philip Goff —Ghosts and Sparse Properties
  5. Dan Llyod —The Neural Correlates of Temporality: Default Mode Variability and State-Dependent Temporal Awareness
  6. Pete Mandik —Color-Consciousness Conceptualism
  7. Joeseph Neisser —Correlates, Causes, and the Neurobiology of Consciousness
  8. Adam Pautz —Why Consciousness Can’t Just be in the Head: A New Argument against Biological Theories
  9. Stephane Savanah —The Concept Possession Hypothesis of Self-Consciousness
  10. Carolyn Suchy-Dicey —Inductive Skepticism and the Methodological Argument
  11. Brian Talbot —The Irrelevance of Folk Intuitions to the ‘Hard Problem’ of Consciousness