Wine & Cheese Reception

The conference is now officially closed but you can still leave some feedback! Did you enjoy it? Could it be improved? Is february the best time to do it? Did you like threaded comments or do you prefer regular? Did anyone download the podcasts? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks! Richard



  1. For what it’s worth, two downsides to threaded comments. One is that comments are often relevant to more than one previous post. The other is that it makes a post harder to find to comment on, since one must then pages through everything to get it the right thread.

  2. Hey Richard,

    First and foremost: this has been great and I really do hope there’s another one next year.

    Some more-specific comments:

    As a presenter, I got a whole lot more out of this than I would have out of a regular conference. My commenters and thread participants really gave me a run for the money that I’m really grateful for.

    As an attendee, I really enjoyed following the threads, even those I didn’t comment on. The threads were way superior to just a Q&A at a meatspace conference.

    I really liked the video presentations where you can see the person. That’s fun. (Nice job, by the way, on the videos of Hakwan and his commenters.) The voiced-over powerpoint videos, I must confess, I have not been able to watch all the way through. One nice approach was Carolyn’s 5-min youtube overview.

    Re: podcasts, I kept thinking I should download some, but I never got around to it. I only watched the vids when I was in a chair in front of a computer. But they still seem to me to be a good idea!

    (In the future, this whole thing can just be downloadable as braincasts.)


  3. Hi Richard. I’d like to second Pete’s comments about the value of this event. I’ve got far more from it intellectually than I would have got from a conventional event. It’s been a model of how effective an online conference can be.

    On the question of comments, would it be possible to have the option to select order — either chronological or threads? That would offer the best of both worlds.

    One other thought: Have you considered setting up a forum for continuing discussion arising from the event? I agree that the formal conference discussions should be closed and archived. But I think it would be good to have a space for ongoing discussion about the papers, related topics, and future events. It could be unmoderated, low maintenance.

    Finally, congratulations on a great event and a big thank you for all your work in arranging it.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I think this conference is great and should definitely be continued in the future! Many thanks for putting all this work into it.
    I’m sorry for not having been able to comment as much as I would have liked, but this was entirely due to personal circumstances.
    So I very much hope to see another Consciousness Online Conference next year.

  5. I thought the dialogue between presenters and participants was more in-depth than what you can get in a 30-minute discussion on a paper, but I also thought that it was sometimes overwhelmingly so. In a talk, the moderator will cut off someone if their question seems to be too long for the forum. Maybe setting a word limit on comments and asking respondents to stick to them (i.e. not to post 10 300-word comments) would help more people to get involved. It is easy to get overloaded with information without such limits. Otherwise, I had a lot of fun and only wish I could have devoted even more time to it all…

  6. Hi everyone thanks for the feedback…it is really encouraging and useful (pls keep it coming!)

    RE threaded vs regular comments: I know that it is possible to set it up so that people can choose to view it one way or another (for instance this is how it is over at Brains)…I’ll look into seeing if that can be done here…

    re continued forum: that a great idea and I am happy to set it up. Did you have in mind something like a general forum for people to discuss any paper/issue they want?

    i have also been thinking about ways to expand the activities past the conference. One idea I had was to try and establish a speaker series (loosely modeled on the Young Philosophers Lecture Series that Andrew Cullison started except with a commitment from the speaker to be around for a few weeks to discuss the paper online after the video is posted…any thoughts on that?

    Re comment length: yeah, I went back and forth about this. My original plan was to enforce a word limit on comments (you can set up the blog to disallow comments above a certain length)…but then I figured; hey we’re philosophers! We read stuff much longer than that for breakfast…but if more people thought it was a good idea to have comment word limits I would enforce them (though I think in reality it would just lead to 10 300 word comments instead of 1 3000 word one)…

    Re next year: I definitely plan on doing it again next year! (Though I still wonder if February is the best month…I picked it semi-arbitrarily and with specious reasoning (e.g. It is cold in Feb and so people will want to be online and not traveling/there are no other consciousness conferences in that month)

  7. This was my first experience in “attending” a conference of this sort ie. online, via a blog. I enjoyed it for several reasons: one, the blog-based experience allowed me to read papers, or view lectures and presentations, with the freedom to back away and take my time in deliberating the many arguments. I found myself returning to a handful of sessions to then listen to the respondents and commentators. Two, the video presentations, especially alongside papers and publications, were an engaging mix. I could watch a video, then dig into the text for further understanding when needed. I regret that there was not enough time to visit more (or know more of some of the background on most of these topics to participate more).

  8. I completely agree with Brian. These video presentations along with the formal paper, as well as the video/paper responses, have helped me understand the paper from many dimensions. The variety of topics included in this year’s conference has been an enlightening way of engaging in the forefront of debates on consciousness. I also like the mix of Hakwan’s more scientific presentation with those that are more philosophic.

  9. Great job, Richard! A superb conference once again. Lots of interesting talks and great discussions. I didn’t get a chance to watch the videos myself, but I’m interested to see that so many people watch them, so clearly you should keep them. I agree that you shouldn’t put a short length limit on comments: we’re online and space is cheap, and it’s easy to skip comments if you want to. February seems a good time of year to me, even though it’s not cold everywhere in February! Giving people the choice of threaded vs nonthreaded comments makes sense. Looking forward to next year!

  10. I’d also like to add my commendations for a very interesting conference. Not having participated in such an event as this before I found it quite helpful to have both links to the papers in addition to video content to supplement it. Also having the blog to trace the conversation helped bolster my understanding of some sticky points I came across on a few topics. I am definitely looking forward to next year’s conference. Thank you Richard.

  11. I had intended to participate more in the on-line discussion, but when it came to it I got hit in my role as department chair by some minor crises that still needed immediate attention. I realize now that one of the virtues of a real conference is that you can’t reasonably be expected to do anything but participate in the conference, so you might as well do so. Next time, I’ll try to set aside a couple of days for nothing except “attending” the conference.

    Thanks, Richard, for all your hard work and unflagging enthusiasm.

    Best wishes, Andrew

  12. Hi Richard,

    Just discovered this place and thanks for creating this wonderful place šŸ˜‰ I enjoy the absence of registration/traveling fee and free videos…

    About Young Philosophers Lecture Series, I like the idea of Introductory talks! Being not a philosopher myself šŸ™‚ and there is definitely a lot of people on Internet who would be just interested like me

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