Conference Feedback

As the conference comes to an end I would appreciate any feedback from conference goers. What did you like? What would you like to see? What didn’t you like or want to see less of, etc. Any feedback is appreciated!

As you do, enjoy this video of the Space Clamps from the Consciousness Offline event held Saturday February 25th at the Local 269 (video was taken at around midnight).


  1. Richard, I enjoyed, in past years, your humorous welcoming remarks videos. Don’t not do those anymore.
    I also enjoyed the lighter stuff like the connection to the Consciousness Offline event and Space Clamps video. Fun stuff.

    As usual, there’s so much stuff going on with all the talks and comments that it is hard to keep up with more than a small fraction, but in the ones I did follow, people were really thoughtful, helpful, and civil. A real pleasure! Thanks to everybody.

  2. My last disagreement in this conference is with Pete 🙂 I to have missed your welcome video, but I understand that the last year’s one set the bar really high.

    A suggestion for future editions that just came to my mind, and might be interesting to explore, is the possibility of recording (in a room or through skype) a video of a round table with several participant on a particular topic. The video would be an starting point for further open discussion in the CO (as one of the special session).

    Great job Richard, thank you very much and congratulations for the big success.
    It has been a great pleasure! Thanks.

  3. I directed a friend (who is not a professional philosopher) to the conference, and she was interested but wanted to know more background about the theories and positions being discussed in order to follow the thread. This isn’t meant at all as a criticism of this conference in particular, since using specialized language, with much background knowledge presupposed, is common and probably necessary (given time constraints) in academic philosophy, as elsewhere. But since this conference, being online, can easily be viewed by a larger public, it might be a nice opportunity to bring discussions within philosophy to a wider audience. My friend suggested including a few links to relevant key readings at the start of the thread. Perhaps this would be best handled by individual presenters, and it depends what you want to get out of CO, but in any case, I thought it was an interesting suggestion and wanted to pass it along.

    Thanks for a great conference!

  4. It is a little late to be responding to Alex’s comment above but in light of the above sentiment this year (2013) I will be having a ‘general discussion’ thread which will include some introductory stuff and be a place to ask questions and have discussions at a very general level.

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