Some Stats

The call for papers for the fifth online consciousness conference will be going out towards the end of October. In the meantime I thought it might be fun to gather some stats on traffic.

Here is the ranking of the conferences as calculated by total traffic on that year’s program page. This is just views for all time so it is not a measure of how much traffic took place during the conferences themselves but it is still roughly accurate (these numbers actually are a bit off from the numbers I calculated during the conferences, I think because after the conference begins a lot people skip the program page and go right into the session they are having a discussion in, still the numbers are interesting).
1. CO3-14,658
2. CO4-12,791
3. CO2-12,389
4. CO1-9,459

Here are the top five most viewed sessions. I thought it would also be interesting to see how many times the videos were viewed and how many times the papers were downloaded. Again, these numbers are for ‘all time’ views and downloads so do not reflect actual traffic during the two weeks of the conferences.
1. Sensory Awareness and Perceptual Certainty by Hakwan Lau-2,483. Video viewed 783 times in the session, making it the second most viewed video in the sessions (lost to Nanay’s video by 14 views!) and 409 times on Youtube. His paper was downloaded 197 times.
2. Consciousness and its Function by David Rosenthal-2,099. The video was originally hosted on Google Video, which is now defunct and so I have no data on video views but it has been viewed 340 times on Youtube. His paper was downloaded 191 times.
3. The New New Mysterianism by Derek Ball-2,045. This video was also hosted on Google Video and so there is no data but it has been viewed 53 time on Youtube. His paper was downloaded 194 times
4. Why Consciousness Can’t just be in the Head by Adam Pautz-1,948. Adam had no video. His paper was downloaded 401 times, making it the second most downloaded paper (lost to Churchland’s paper by 4 downloads!).
5. Dissolving the Hard Problem of Consciousness– Glenn Carruthers and Liz Schier-1,917. They had no video. Their paper was downloaded 187 times
Runner-Up. On the (Dis)Unity of Consciousness by Jesse Prinz-1,894. Jesse’s video was viewed 521 times in the session and 972 times on Youtube. Jesse did not provide a paper.


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