CO5 Papers

Below are the papers (not commentaries) for this year’s participants. So, please read and think about these papers at your leisure and be sure to join us Feb 15-March 1st for the discussion. Thanks to Susanna Siegel, David Chalmers, Adam Pautz, and John Schwenkler for helping me to select these papers. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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  1. Daniel C. Dennett
  2. Farid Masrour
  3. Matteo Grasso
  4. Eric Schwitzgebel
  5. Chad Kidd
  6. Miguel Sebastian 
  7. Cheryl Abbate 
  8. Bence Nanay 
  9. Joel Smith
  10. Peter Langland-Hassan
  11. Katja Crone
  12. Daniel Morgan