Conference Publications

One of the subsidiary goals I had in starting Consciousness Online was to test a new way of thinking about the relationship between traditional print publications and online discussions. So far most of what we have seen is the publication of something in print and then, perhaps, posting it online somewhere for discussion. But of course it works in the other direction as well. Having an online conference is, in effect, to submit one’s paper to intense two week scrutiny by one’s peers. Papers are very often substantially revised in light of the discussion at the conference. These reworked papers can then be seen as a product of the online conference, which itself becomes part of the review process. Revised papers are then sent off for additional outside review before finally being published in print. So far 2 out the three conferences held have included rewritten commentaries as well as new responses from the authors. It is my hope that what emerges from this process are discussions of greater depth which serve to advance the debate both for those involved as well as interested scholars and laypersons.

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