Program -2011

Friday February 18th-March 4th 2011

The Third Annual Online Consciousness Conference is now officially closed. You may still see the presentation materials and the discussion but no new comments will be allowed. Click on the title of the session that you want to attend and you will be taken to all presentation materials and discussion.

Before you disappear be sure to leave some feedback and get some tantalizing info on next year’s conference!

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Welcome to CO3! meet Richard Brown, the conference organizer

Invited talks

  1. Kathleen Akins, Simon Fraser University

    Black and White and Color

  2. Paul Churchland, University of California San Diego

    Consciousness and the Introspection of Apparent Qualitative Simples

  3. Stevan Harnad, University of Southampton & Universite du Quebec a Montreal

    Minds, Brains and Turing

  4. Jesse Prinz, The Graduate Center, CUNY

    Attention and the (Dis)unity of Consciousness

Special Session on Direct Realism and Perceptual Justification organized by Jacob Berger, The Graduate Center, CUNY

  1. Benj Hellie, University of Toronto

    There It Is

Contributed Sessions

  1. Nemira Gasiunas, Columbia University

    Grapheme-Color Synesthesia as Perception without Awareness

  2. Philip Goff, University of Hertfordshire

    Property Dualists Should be Panpsychists

  3. Jason Leddington, Bucknell University

    What We Hear

  4. Bence Nanay, University of Antwerp & University of Cambridge

    Perceptual Phenomenology

  5. Adam Pautz, University of Texas, Austin

    The Real Trouble for Phenomenal Externalists: The Science of Taste, Smell and Pain

  6. Miguel Sebastian, LOGOS University of Barcelona

    Not a Hot Dream

  7. Tom Seppalainen, Portland State University

    Hypothetical Identities and Chimerical Reductions

      Elizabeth Schier, Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University & Berlin School of Mind and Brain
      David Harker, East Tennessee State University
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