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The Second Annual Online Consciousness Conference is now oficially closed. You can still view the presentations and discussion (just click on the title of the presentation) but no new comments will be allowed.

We again had a very active conference this year with nearly 14,000 hits (a roughly 27% increase from last year) and 295 comments in the sessions. That’s pretty good! Selected papers, along with new commentaries and author responses, from this conference are now published in a special issue of Consciousness and Cognition which came out in June 2012

Welcome & Opening Remarks –Richard Brown, Conference Organizer

Special Session on Higher-Order Consciousness

  1. Hakwan Lau, Columbia University

    Sensory Awareness and Perceptual Certainty

Invited Colloquium on the State of the Art in Brain Decoding

  1. Colin Clifford, University of Sydney

    What Can Brain Decoding tell us about Consciousness?

Contributed Sessions

  1. Matthew Conduct, Durham University, UK

    Naive Realism Without Disjunctivism about Experience

  2. Keith Frankish, The Open University, UK

    Qualia: The Real Thing

  3. Philip Goff, University of Hertfordshire, UK

    Ghosts and Sparse Properties

  4. Dan Lloyd, Trinity College

    Neural Correlates of Temporality: Default Mode Variability and State-Dependent Temporal Awareness

      Geoffrey Lee, University of California, Berkeley
      Michal Klincewicz, The Graduate Center, CUNY
  5. Pete Mandik, William Paterson University

    Color-Consciousness Conceptualism

  6. Joseph Neisser, Grinnell College

    Correlates, Causes, and the Neurobiology of Consciousness

      Jakob Hohwy, Monash University, Australia
  7. Adam Pautz, University of Texas, Austin

    Why Consciousness Can’t Just be in the Head: A New Argument against Biological Theories

  8. Stephane Savanah, Macquarie University, Australia

    The Concept Possession Hypothesis of Self-Consciousness

      James Dow, The Graduate Center, CUNY
      Kristina Musholt, Berlin School of Mind and Brain
  9. Carolyn Suchy-Dicey, Boston University

    Inductive Skepticism and the Methodological Argument

      Jennifer Corns, The Graduate Center, CUNY
      John Campbell, University of California, Berkeley
  10. Brian Talbot, University of Colorado, Bolder

    The irrelevance of Folk Intuitions to the ‘Hard Problem’ of Consciousness

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