Program -2013

02.15-03.01 2013

The Fifth Online Consciousness Conference is now officially closed. You can still see all conference materials and discussion by clicking on the title of the session you want to view but no new comments will be allowed (excepting final replies from conference presenters).

General Forum for Open Discussion

Invited Talk

  1. Daniel C. Dennett, Tufts University

    A Phenomenal Confusion About Access and Consciousness

Special Session on Self-Consciousness organized by John Schwenkler, Mount St. Mary’s University.

  1. Katja Crone University of Mannheim

    Self-Consciousness, Interaction, and Understanding Others

  2. Joel Smith, The University of Manchester.

    Alienation and Self-Presentation

      Cheryl Chen, Harvard University
      Timothy Lane, Institute of Humanities in Medicine, Taipei Medical University / Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica
  3. Daniel Morgan, University College London

    A Demonstrative Model of First-Person Thought

  4. Peter Langland-Hassan, University of Cincinnati

    Craniopagus Twins and the Possibility of Introspective Misidentification

Contributed Sessions

  1. Farid Masrour, Harvard University

    Space Perception, Visual Dissonance and the Fate of Standard Representationalism

  2. Matteo Grasso, State University of Milan

    Integrated Information Theory and the Metaphysics of Consciousness

  3. Eric Schwitzgebel, UC Riverside

    If Materialism is True, The United States is Probably Conscious

      Janet Levin, University of Southern California
  4. Chad Kidd, Auburn University

    The Idols of Inner-Awareness: Towards Disjunctive Self-Representationalism

      Glenn Carruthers, Macquarie University
      Stephen Pearce, University of Western Ontario
  5. Miguel Sebastian, National Autonomous University of Mexico

    What Panpsychists Should Reject: On the Incompatibility of Panpsychism and Organizational Invariantism

  6. Cheryl Abbate, Marquette University

    Nonhuman Animals: Neither Saints Nor Sinners

  7. Bence Nanay, University of Antwerp & University of Cambridge

    Perceptual Content and the Content of Mental Imagery